Mind Blowing Facts and Incidents


Mind Blowing Facts and Incidents

Here is the list of mind-blowing facts and incidents that you might have never heard.

1. Boxer Sugar Ray Robinson backed out of a fight because he had a dream that he was going to kill his opponent in the ring. After a priest and minister convinced Robinson to fight, Robinson went into the ring and killed his opponent, Jimmy Doyle.

Boxer Sugar Ray Robinson was scheduled to fight Jimmy Doyle (22-year old) on June 25, 1947. The night before the fight, he had a dream in which he killed Jimmy Doyle, so he wanted to back out of the fight. Fight promoters, who stood to lose money by Robinson’s decision, brought in a Catholic priest and the priest made him understand that it was only a dream. So, Ray decided to went on with the fight and with a devastating left hook in the 8th round, injured Jimmy Doyle and Doyle never regained consciousness. After 17 hours the boxer died of cerebral hemorrhage. (Source: Wafflesatoon)

lifengadget-mind blowing factsMuhammad Ali liked to call Robinson “the king, the master, my idol.” Robinson inspired Ali’s famous matador style, which he used to defeat Sonny Liston for the heavyweight title in 1964. In 1984 The Ring magazine placed Robinson No. 1 in its book “The 100 Greatest Boxers of All Time.”

Doyle was pushing himself to fight to “buy his mother a house, and after Doyle’s death in 1947, Robinson gave the earnings of his next four fights to Doyle’s mother, so she could buy that house.

2. When 3 People Tried To sell Coca-Cola’s Secret to Pepsi

At the end of 19th century, Cola-Cola have a choice: Patent the recipe for the soft-drink which would mean disclosing its ingredients, or make it a secret. In 2006 an employee from Coca-Cola company and two accomplices tried to sell the Coke Recipe to Pepsi, but Pepsi notified the Coke officials and those three people were busted.

lifengadget-cokesecret(Imagesource: Designboom)

3. Some medals at Sochi Olympics contained fragments of Meteor which hit Russia

10 medals was given to the Olympians who take, gold in their events on February 15. These medals will be given to the Olympians competing in eight different sports — alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, curling, ice hockey, short track, skeleton, ski jumping and speed skating.

The fragments of meteor were take from a 1,250-pound space rock that was found in the Russian lake in October.

lifengadget-mind blowing facts(Imagesource: nytimes)

4. When hundreds of women descended on Nagpur district(India) court armed with knives, stones and chilly powder and later took the responsibility of murder

A person named Akku Yadav was killed  on 13th August, 2004 by 200 women on a Nagpur District court floor. Chilli powder was thrown in his face and stones hurled. As he flailed and fought, one of his alleged victims hacked off his penis with a vegetable knife.

Laughed at and abused by the police when they reported being raped by Yadav, the women took the law into their own hands. A local thug, Yadav and his gang had terrorized the 300 families of Kasturba Nagar for more than a decade, barging into homes demanding money, shouting threats and abuse.(Source: theguardian)

5. Four Pacman ghosts are programmed to act differently, Just Red chases you

You always try to feed the Pacman, your yellow friend while escaping from the ghosts. There is a catch here, if you think all the ghosts are chasing you then you are wrong. All four ghosts are programmed to act differently.

  • Red Chases You ( The yellow Pacman)
  • Pink tries to position itself in a set way.
  • Blue tries to Ambush you.
  • Orange is Random.

This information might come handy next time you play Pacman.


6. US army officer Braxton Bragg held both the job as the company commander and the post quartermaster, he made a request as commander to the quartermaster and when he received the request as quartermaster, he denied it. He continued to argue back and forth with himself through letters.

Bragg requested the intervention of the post commander (perhaps to diffuse the impasse before it came to blows). His commander was incredulous and he declared, “My God, Mr. Bragg, you have quarreled with every officer in the army, and now you are quarreling with yourself.”

lifengadget-minfblowingfacts(Source: Wikipedia)

7. Each Spongebob Squarepants main characters was inspired by one of the seven deadly sins.

There are various main characters in Spongebob Squarepants and the comparisons are made with the seven sins.


  • Greed = Mr. Krabs
  • Evny =  Plankton
  • Sloth =  Patrick
  • Pride =  Sandy
  • Wrath = Squidward
  • Gluttony = Gary
  • Lust = Spongebob

8. Workers found an 18th century wooden ship underneath the World Trade Center at Ground Zero

A 45kg (100lb) anchor was found a few yards from the hull. The 32-foot- (9.7 meters) long timber structure is the back end and bottom quarter of what researchers believe was a two-masted trade vessel, a workhorse of its day. The area where it was found was part of the Hudson River in the late 18th century, and it’s not clear if the ship sank, or if it was stuck in the river bottom on purpose to act as fill to make more “land” for Manhattan. (Source: Lifescience)

lifengadget-worldtradecenter(ImageSource: telegraph.co.uk)


9. Man Survives Near Fatal Heart Attack Then Wins Lottery On Live TV

In 1999, an Australian truck driver, Bill Morgan was declared dead for 14 minutes. Later he was revived and lived.  To celebrate its survival , he brought a scratch card and won $27k car. The news team asked him to re-enact the scratch card moments so he brought another card and won $250k jackpot in it.

And the best part is, it all went down on live TV (That $250k might have given him heart attack)

10. When child actor Jackie Coogan turned 18, he found out that all his money ($68 million) had been spent by his mother who argued that that every dollar a child makes before the age of 21 belongs to his parents. Coogan’s law was then passed to protect child actors.

The legal battle brought attention to child actors and resulted in the enactment of the California Child Actor’s Bill, often called the Coogan Law or the Coogan Act.

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