Maharana Pratap -The Indian Warrior King

Maharana Pratap on Chetak

Life of Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap also known as Pratap Singh  was son of Maharani Jayantabai and King Udai Singh II founder of Udaipur who was  a Hindu Rajput ruler of Mewar, a region in the  state of Rajasthan. He was born  on 9 May,1540 . Maharana Pratap is known for his bravery . For Maharan pratap  Mughals were  foreigners who had invaded India and that is why he hated them and dont’t want any ties with them . He want to free his nation from Mughals.  He  mastered the skills in the use of arms and weapons including horse riding.


At the age of 17 Maharana Pratap was married to Ajabade, the daughter of Rao Ram Rakh Panwar. He had a son on 16 March, 1559.

Chittorgarh  and Maharana Pratap

In 1567 emperor Akbar attacked Chittorgarh, Maharana Udai Singh left Chittorgarh as Akbar was having huge army at that time . So Pratap also had to leave the palace with his family.With the fort fell to the hands of Akbar. He not only ordered to kill innocent  women and children but also hurt sentiments of Hindus by destroying the temples and idols in the fort of Chittogarh.

The First Attack

Maharana Pratap first demonstrated his bravery by attacking the Vagadiya Chauhans. In this battle Maharana Pratap won and  a large part of Vagad was combined in Mewar. lifengadget-maharana-pratap-1

Crowning  of  Maharana Pratap

On 28 Feb, 1572 Maharana Pratap’s coronation was performed at Gogunda . After becoming king Maharana Pratap  conquered the Chhappan area, defeating the Rathors, then he ensured full protection of entire Godwad and the Arawali ranges. At that time almost all the kings of Rajasthan had accepted authority of Akbar. After Pratap’s coronation, Akbar twaited for  one year hoping that  Maharana  pratap will follow the footsteps of other kings and  will accept the authority of Akbar after that he sent his men to Maharana Pratap one by one for making some pressure on him . these men were Prince Man Singh Kachhawah, Bhagwan Das and King Todarmal. After even so many meeting Pratap did not changed his decision. lifengadget-maharana-pratap-2

The Battle of Haldighati

On 2 April, 1576  prince Man Singh reached Mandalgarh to attack on Maharana Pratap. After royal army arrangements On  18 June, 1576 the battle started in the wide open area between Haldighati and village Khamanor. There were many warriors fighting from the Pratap’s side which included Ramdas Medaliya,and Tanwar Ram Shah of Gwalior joined Maharana Pratap with his three sons, many of these including Man Singh Sonagara, Rawat Naitsee and many others sacrificed their lives. In the end Maharana Pratap and his soldiers had to leave the battle field. After this battle, Royal army was not able to capture Maharana Pratap and moreover his attitude didn’t changed and the purpose for which the battle was fought by Royal Army was not achieved. After this battlethe army of Akbar  moved forward after the battle of Haldighati captured Gogunda the place of Pratap . Pratap now made his stay in the strong fort of Kumbhalmer. After a short while Pratap reached Gogunda via village Kolyari, re-captured Gounda. lifengadget-maharana-pratap-3

Attack  by Akbar

In Oct.1576 King Bhagawan das and prince Man Singh were sent to Gogunda under the command of Kutubuddin Khan by Akbar . When Pratap got this information, he left Gogunda and went into the mountains. The Royal army went searching for Maharana Pratap in the caves of mountains but he could not be traced. Staying at village Mohi, Akbar made several efforts to capture Maharana Pratap but he did not succeed.
On 15 Oct, 1577 army was again sent to attack Maharana Pratap under the command of Shahbag Khan and Mir Baksi, king Bhagwandas and prince Man singh were also with them. The army, this time, intended to occupy the strong fort of Kumbhalmer. Facing shortage of food items Maharana Pratap left the fort. Kumbhalmer was captured but Pratap was not caught therefore, instead of dying stationed in the fort, Maharana Pratap thought it is  better to abandon the fort and continue with his freedom struggle.

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After about 8 months, Akbar again ordered Shahabag Khan to invade Mewar. On 11 Nov., 1579 Shahabag Khan moved from sambhar to launch third attack on Maharana Pratap this time many Rajputs were killed fighting with Shahabag khan. Royal posts were established at many important places to monitor movements of  Maharana Pratap. Maharana Pratap suspended action against the mughals for some time due to fall in military strength. His territories was under his control and he was increasing the strength of his army. After three years he  planed to attack the Royal posts making Dholan as his main centre of activities lifengadget-maharana-pratap-4 Also Visit : Swami Vivekananda : The Spiritual Genius

The Battle of Dever and Victory of  Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap launched an attack on the Royal Post at Dever a village situated in Dever valley of Arawali ranges north east of kumbhalmer and won .

Death of  Maharana Pratap

In January 1597, while pulling the sting of bow to hunt a tiger he developed pain in his intenstine and fell sick. Maharana Pratap breathed his last on 19 January 1597 and this was the end to a golden era of struggle for freedom. lifengadget-maharana-pratap-5

Chetak – The Royal Horse

Chetak was the famous horse of Maharana Pratap, whom Maharana Pratap rode during the gruesome Battle of Haldighati (June 21, 1576). Chetak died in this battle and since then has been immortalized in the ballads of Rajasthan. This famous warhorse was of Kathiawari breed. Maharana Pratap is sometime referred as the “Rider of the Blue Horse” as Chetak has blue tint on his fur.


No story of this famous battle can be complete without mentioning the exploits of Chetak in this battle.  It was Chetak who carried away Maharana  Pratap to safety from the lost battle of  Haldighati even after wounding himself.

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