Top Free Apps for Nokia Lumia


Top Free Apps for Nokia Lumia

There are thousands of applications in Windows Phone Store that you can download in your mobile The article shows the list of applications for your Nokia Lumia phone that can come handy for daily use. There are certain applications that you will find pre-installed. There are as many as 70-80 thousand applications but here is the list of top free apps for Nokia Lumia that can really make your phone handy.

There are certain amazing applications like Nokia Music, Office 365 etc that comes pre-installed in your Nokia Lumia. But here is the

Anti Theft Alarm


 If you have plugged in your phone for charging in another room and want to know when somebody else touches  your phone. Just activate this alarm and place your phone where you want, the alarm will sound if somebody else touches the phone. In order to deactivate the alarm you have to enter the pin, otherwise alarm will keep on ringing.

Now nobody can touch your phone while you are busy in your work





This is the application to manage your battery for mobile phone. It is actually a battery management application which displays statistics about battery status, charge speed and other useful information.

This application is not only restricted to battery information, this application allow you to easily enable/disable various connectivity services of you phone.




UC Browser

The Internet Explorer is quite handy but if your looking for an alternative browser then UC Browser comes to mind which provides bunch of facilities. Features like Download management, loading optimization, features like visit as PC, night mode, private mode etc  There are certain pictures which tells about this amazing browser.

Features like Background preloading are really good i.e. the next pages of an article are loaded in background while you are reading the current page. So there are so many features that make this application one of the top Free Apps for Nokia Lumia.


This is a photo editing tool and cloud based which gives you great experience in editing your pictures. Now add effects and cool texts to your photo and create funny faces with this application.

There is catch in this that it is a cloud based image processing and manipulation tool so it requires Internet connection to run the application.

Nokia Creative Studio

This application is exclusively available for Nokia Lumia users. Now make more of your pictures and give stunning effects  to your snaps. Just scroll through the options providing different effects for the picture and select the one you like the most.

Now create collage, adjust the color tone, brightness, contrast, blur , remove red eye and many more feature thus making this application as one of the top Free Apps for Nokia Lumia.


Now connect with your friends around the world freely by call,text and photo messages over Wifi or 3G network free of cost. The application syncs with your contact list on mobile and detects automatically that which of your friends are using Viber. On Viber your contact number is your ID.

WhatsApp Messenger

It is a cross-platform messenger available for Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Nokia Phones. This application uses Wifi or 3G network to send-receive messages with friends. Messages can be audio, video or stickers. Create groups and share with your friends.

NY Times

This application is for those who like reading newspaper. With this application you can stay informed on world and national news, business, arts, technology,style etc.Features like offline reading,sharing articles through Facebook , Twitter and e-mail makes it a very handy application for daily use.

The Hindu

This is an another application which provides updates on news from TheHindu website. The application has the option to speak out the article which is quite interesting.

Bing News

This application is really good for those who like picture based reading. Choose your own news source and swipe through the news and read articles.The article also has a good live tile feature.

Bing Weather

The Bing Weather application helps you to prepare for the latest conditions with hourly, daily and 10-day forecast. The application is well designed for your Windows phone. the application includes various weather images and maps.

More Applications

Adobe reader for reading and sharing PDF documents, Team Viewer for remote access to your PC ,Flashlight, Image Fusion for lock screen and Dictionary are other application that are essential for your needs and enhance the capabilities of your mobile.

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